Treatment of hemorrhoids of the first degree – sclerosing

Sclerosis is performed with a special syringe, by injecting the sclerosing agent directly into the hemorrhoidal cushion. It works by reducing circulation, additionally increasing fibrosis, that is, the connective tissue at the site of the nodule multiplies, thus reducing the hemorrhoidal cushion to its normal size.

Treatment of hemorrhoids II. degree – Barron ligature

The method consists in using a special instrument (ligator) to place rubber loops on each hemorrhoidal node, at intervals of one month. The loops are placed in a specific place, at the base of the nodule, so that it squeezes the blood vessel that surrounds it and without circulation, the nodule simply disappears (necrotizes) after a short time.

Treatment of hemorrhoids III. and IV. degree – operation

Grade III and IV hemorrhoids cannot be cured by conservative methods and therefore surgery is necessary.

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